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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

mila | events . cowboy boots + petron

best 1 year old birthday celebration this year!  i can't believe nikolas is one now!  i remember those tiny little feet from a year ago.  his was the last newborn shoot before we left for the philippines.  wow!  time sure does fly!

carissa and joel decked out the lil guy in full gear.  he had his black jacket with leather trim to match his cowboy boots and belt.  it was adorable!  never mind that one boot wouldn't stay on.  it was all in fun.  speaking of fun... he had a blast digging into his cake.  we should all mush cakey fingers just for the fun of it ;)

the taco man was busy.  every table had a bottle of petron.  the band was rockin out and the kids were flyin in the blowup bouncy thing.  yep... it was AWESOME!

just so you can see the diff... here's nikolas from a year ago...


  1. Oh my goodness, I just cannot get over his cowboy outfit. It is just adorable! Great pictures. My fav is the one where he is holding his monkey.

  2. sure is the same kid... from newborn to oneyear, he carried the same hair-do... again nice shots... is it petron or patron?

  3. loved swimming through these!


  4. his cowboy costume = super adorable-ness! =) what a sweet 1 yr birthday!