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Saturday, August 22, 2009

mila | stray thoughts . getting carded

so to most people i look REALLY young for my age.  guessing my age is often times a break-the-ice game for some of my friends when we're around new people.  they all laugh whenever i get carded at restaurants and bars.  sometimes i get carded 2 or 3 times in a night in the same place (the shift change of staff).  i just smile.  most of the time (as in 99% of the time), the youthful appearance frees me from a lot of expectations and can be very liberating.  it also allows me to fly under the radar and exceed expectations which can be advantageous...  most of the time.

last night was date night.  last night was NOT a good night to not pass for 21.  we were rushing out the door in a hurry.  we were going to be late for the movie.  district 9 sounded like the kind of movie i could really get into.  we heard great reviews.  cineplex at the garden walk is our newly discovered favorite movie theater.  it's a 21 and over theater, they serve alcohol and have huge leather recliners for you to sink into.  and it's always kinda empty too which totally works for us.  what's not to love right?  well... since we rushed out of the house i forgot to grab my ID.  you can see where this is going.  we ran up 4 flights of stairs, made it to the ticket counter at a minute to 8pm and the attendant AND the manager take one look at me and my distress at not having my ID and just shook their head.  UGH!!!!!!!  i'm 36 years old and i can't even pass for 21 with these people!  i was just lamenting the other day that i pass for 24 now and not 18.  oh what i would give to look 24 now.  grrrrr!!!!! curtis was disappointed and annoyed.  i ruined date night... almost...  i found another theater 2 miles down that was playing the movie at 8.20pm.  thank god!  the evening was salvaged.

district 9 was kool btw.  different ... but so my kind of movie.

oh .. i've been lazy about getting dolled up lately.  so makeup on an evening out has become rare.  have i told you about my hairstylist of 15 years?  i LOVE her!  jennifer alvarez.. find her on facebook.  she works out of irvine and is the bestest bestest best EVER!  had to take a picture of the new 'do she gave me and the rare makeup moment of course.  curtis behind the camera.


  1. Girl, you rock 36 like nobody's bidzness.

  2. 36?!?!?! No.freaking.way. Sorry to say, but I would have agreed with the theater attendant and manager! =) I agree with Wai Reyes too... you are totally rockin' it!!!