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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

mila | portraits . fashion editorial

nothing like a change of pace keeps the creative juices fresh!  a couple of weeks ago a few photog friends and i coordinated a fashion editorial shoot with a theme that differs from our usual fare.  it was called... THE BREAKUP.

chapter 1 opens the scene with two gorgeous people at the height of passion ... bliss and love eternal.  that butterfly heaven of ultimate chemistry.  chapter 2, the fleeting moment when one or the other is still caught up in a jet stream of interest while the other's attention wanes.  and the conclusion of parting.

how's that for a 180 from the usual love story?  see if you can tell where the cycles begin and end.

the outtakes.  hanssie directing the couple.  matt sleuthing from across the street.  derrick showing off some styling talent.


  1. these are great! love the b&w closeup!

  2. I thought this concept was really great. My favs were 2 and 4 from the top!