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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

mila | portraits . profile pictures

a few weeks ago my friend fadi came to hang out and catch up.  the last time i saw him was before the trip last year. we had shabu shabu for lunch.  yummmm!!!  he never had it before and i think i may have expanded his food horizons with a healthy asian cuisine.  

we got to talking about everything and anything.  he was my old math professor from my most favorite college subject... calculus.  yep.. i know.  it's sick.  haha!  anyway... we got around to the subject of dating.  he's dating again!  yay for him!  he signed up on an online dating site and of course we had to discuss what that experience has been like.  i signed up for 3 sites some time back (it wasn't always me n curtis you know!)  those sites can actually be a lot of fun.  meeting different people in a controlled environment.  it was something to look forward to when the list would come in every day ;).  

the one thing we both noticed was that some people desperately and painfully need help with their photos.  it is amazing that people don't make a greater effort to put their best foot forward!  people get dolled up for dates, going out to the clubs, hanging out with friends but they don't set themselves up with a proper profile picture?!  i started ranting about how some people post a picture of themselves cut out from a group (with the stray hand lingering on their shoulder).  or they put half a picture up and you know the torn off half was their ex!  or it's some really blurry or really obscure picture or worse... something from 10 years ago and completely inaccurate!  i just kept going and he kept laughing.  i was telling him about the 20.20.20 session i was working on and he perked up.  he perked up and i got curious.  recomposing my face i got quiet and asked... "what do your pictures look like?"  then he showed me....

MY FRIEND had the pictures i was complaining about!  omg i was appalled!  we had to correct that immediately!  it was late in the afternoon now and we had been hanging all day.  tired but determined to come up with something waaaaay better than the sad cliche of a collection he had i took the following pictures.  they weren't the best (the guy is way better looking than this) but they were hella better than what he had.  i could breathe again.  friends help friends.


  1. Your friend is lucky to have a talented friend like you! Love the first ;)

  2. What if you are just vain and like having photos of yourself? Can those people still sign up?

  3. I like his eyes in the first one, but the second one looks like a person you'd like to get to know. Lot's of "approachable-ness" in his smile. Great job Michelle!