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Thursday, August 13, 2009

mila | portraits . me vs walmart

so i heard through the [b]school grapevine that walmart is offering a one hour in studio-session for $99 (requires a purchase of $150 worth of print material).  additional hours are $75.  i haven't verified this information but that's almost $250 for an hour in-studio at walmart.  i'm not sure what kind of post processing they do but i'm thinkin it's not as much time as i spend on my photos.  it's true my portrait sessions are more costly.  my sessions start at $350 (up to 3 hours in a location of your choice) and yes the prints and/or cd is extra.  but really.... walmart or me?  wanna get in on this vote?

while you're chewing your lip over that... here's yesterday's newborn session with little becket.  um... that's becket... NOT bucket.  the joke's on the last picture ;)  oh and remember blake and his froggy boots?!!  he's back!!!!


  1. oh my goodness....such cuteness!!!! Love the crying one! It looks like he's holding his little ears! and the bucket one is so adorable!!!

    p.s. walmart stands no chance ;)

  2. I'd totally take you over Wal-Mart any day! It's now my policy to not shop for my photographer and my groceries in the same place.

  3. I really wouldn't worry about Walmart. Know why? Cuz it's their JOB, not their PASSION with honesty & intent... as it is yours. They will never be able to get what you do. Keep it up!