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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

mila | stray thoughts . food

oh the struggle to stay healthy! i've been buying more fruits and veggies... hitting the farmer's market whenever possible. my sis has turned farmer recently and nothing beats the garden veggies she brings. she gave me a tomato plant a month ago and i harvested my very first tomato 2 days ago. it was deeeelish! don't get me wrong though. i'm still the farthest from domestic i could ever be. yesterday we had a scrumdeeliumptious lunch with our friend mary over at jay's catering and we were chattin about how food ALWAYS tasted better when someone else made it. do i hear an AMEN?! this statement was followed by the entrance of chef who had 3 amazing plates of carmelized banana chimichangas. HOLY cow-NOLI! seriously! i was feelin pampered. i would move into that office as mary's pet in a heartbeat.

so after a pat on the belly and a timid burp ... it got me thinkin about all my favorite food places where i gladly give up my tastebuds to the experts. here's some of my uber favorites...

  • soul food
    • roscoe's chicken N waffles - god help my scale whenever i walk into that place.
    • memphis (costa mesa) --- you must order the lemon thyme chicken with a side of greens. thank me later!
  • mexican
    • el triumfo (anaheim) -- it's the bestest best hole in the wall mexican place and it's right next door to my house!
    • miguel's (corona) --- mmmm ... pork, potato and cheese burrito
    • el taurino (los angeles) -- hands down .. the ultimate carne asada
  • clam chowder
    • brannigan's pub ( old town fullerton)
  • shabu shabu
    • irvine shabu shabu - do yourself a favor and go for the kobe beef. huge diff!
  • indian food
    • india cookhouse (irvine)
    • dosa place (tustin) -- my indian friends may turn their nose up at this but i LOVE dosa and i haven't found a better closer one yet. i actually love how spicy their food is.
  • thai
    • thai specialty 2 (tustin) --- oh the lime fish is heavenly and healthy!
  • dessert
    • goldilocks - i'm filipino and i love me some mango cake! light and fluffy!
    • roy's -- i don't really like chocolate but they have a souffle that i could convert for
soooooo many more places i'm sure i'm forgetting. i'm always open to suggestions and favorites. gimme some of yours! oh... and if anyone knows where i can get some good paella and good fabada? i haven't found a spanish restaurant to fill the gaping hole in my gut created by our family cook (esther). i miss her so.

my sister's last tomato harvest. grape tomatoes, perfect for a summer salad.


  1. Yummmmmmmm! I love grape tomatoes! Love this shot too!

  2. Ah, it's sooo hard to eat healthy when you're married to a man who loves to eat lechon! Great post... makes me think twice before heading out to In-n-Out :)

  3. Great list of restaurants Michelle I am going to start checking them off. Now where do I start? and I too would like to know where to get great paella.